the year of the caterpillar!

by Caterpillar Party!

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Caterpillar Party! would like to thank Nicolas Earl Brower, Greg Hesselton, Taylor Johnson, and Scott Bigos for all of their help with this project.

Written in the late winter of 2011, and recorded just with Brandon and Eric, since Drew had to be a hero and work with AmeriCorps NCCC. He was missed very much.

Betty Spaghetti
Drums, Vocals, Chi, Meatballs- Brandon
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Nailed it- Eric

Mutant Squirrel Parade
Vocals/Brutality- Greg Hesselton
Drums, Monotron, Vocals, Pain- Brandon
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Agony- Eric

Looge City
Guitar, Drums, Cool Noises- Brandon
Bass- Eric

Dog Lounge
Drums, Bass, Vocals, Dog Lounge Security- Brandon
Guitar, Vocals, Dog Lounge Dancer- Eric

Buhloon Brainz
Glockenspiel, Guitar, Drums, Atmospheric Effects- Brandon
Bass- Eric


released July 18, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Caterpillar Party!
Special Guest Vocals on "Mutant Squirrel Parade" by Greg Hesselton
Recorded by Nicolas Earl Brower




all rights reserved


Caterpillar Party! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Three men, partying until the break of dawn...

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Track Name: Betty's Spaghetti
Betty made spaghetti again
It was delicious, even though there was no parsley stem, she was forgiven
And the critics gave it ten out of ten, best new spaghetti
And the citizens all lined up and went, to get a taste of it.

I wonder what's for dinner tonight.

Betty made spaghetti again, I had a bit of it
It always tastes exactly the same, I'm getting sick of it
And Betty's losing all of her fame
And so they take all the spaghetti Betty has ever made
And they get rid of it

I wonder what's for dinner tonight.
Track Name: Mutant Squirrel Parade (feat. Greg Hesselton)
Get that squirrel off me,
Just went outside to get some coffee.
I tried to stop him,
But he called his friends and got all frothy.

They swarm all over,
March in lines and coming closer.
Ripping flesh, gnawed out out my eyes,
God damnit, this ain't kosher!

Track Name: Dog Lounge
Welcome to the Dog Lounge,
Enjoy your stay.
Take of your leash, relax
And play some games.

You're in the Dog Lounge
I love the Dog Lounge

Cats stink
Fuck that shit
You aren't allowed in the
Dog Lounge